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Online Forms by CLOSEUP Agency

Forms, Forms Forms … the Real Way to Judge Website Performance

How many forms do you get from your website ... in a day? week? month? Since people are visiting your website you really want them to do something as a result. For instance a visitor could call the telephone number on the site, download something or in our opinion, best of all, complete a form that not only details what they are interested in but also permits you to contact them.

It’s all in the Details of the Form

We’ve found from practical client experience that the more information is provided by a site visitor in a form the easier it becomes to sell them on your product, service or experience. Essentially, the visitor is pre-qualifying themselves by identifying the problem they are facing and for which they are turning to your website for a solution. This problem “heads up” is an opportunity to then engage in a conversation with the visitor armed with a solution. It’s almost a gift and better than a phonecall since it allows the site owner or salesperson to be prepared to deal with a prospective customer’s specific issue.

But a Form’s Permission is So Much More

Any website form should be subject to a privacy policy or otherwise have a consent that permits ongoing contact with the form submitter. This contact can be by way of phone or just as important, by mail and email. The latter two can be extremely effective in keeping a business’ brand top of mind for a prospective consumer that may be delayed in their purchase decision or that can be useful as a future referral source. In addition, emails can be timed to be sent automatically such as immediately following the initial form completion and thereafter on a regular basis, some of which could include a regular newsletter, all again to keep the brand in front of the consumer. Hard to do with a telephone call, but eminently possible with an online form!

Using Forms to Check Ad Campaigns and Conversions

Today’s more sophisticated online form applications can not only track the campaign from which the form emanated, as being an organic search or a SEM (search engine marketing) campaign, but can also tell you the device the visitor used to complete the form, their location (by way of ip tracking) and more. All this intelligence is of extreme importance in targeting and refining your online marketing for the best return on your investment.

Immediacy Counts, or Judging Your Sales People

The last and arguably best aspect of a form is that it’s a time and dated record of a lead. Forms responded to quickly, such as within minutes of their completion, have in our experience been a high quality lead than forms that are not responded to for a day or days. If a form is responded to immediately you know that the prospective customer has their problem top of mind and is available, right there and then, by phone or email. Accordingly, a completed form is an extension of your website’s marketing efforts, that can then be tracked to conversions for your website and the salespeople that receive those leads - an excellent and easy tool to increase ROI.

Please get in touch with the experts at CLOSEUP Agency to see how integration of online form solutions can increase your business.

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