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SEM (Search Engine Marketing) by CLOSEUP Agency

Is SEM (Search Engine Marketing) the new Organic Fertilizer

For new and even existing websites, it seems that it has become even harder to achieve immediate organic search traffic. But there is an answer for these web visitors that have come to your website by searching for a specific keyword and then clicking on your website link in the search results. This theory makes sense if we view the organic web as maturing for traditional products, where competitors have an advantage both in longevity of their web presence and the number of backlinks they have accumulated over time that validate and give influence to their presence. So what can a new website or an existing website do to invigorate their web traffic? Why not try SEM for both paid AND organic effect?

What is SEM?

SEM stands for “Search Engine Marketing”, but this explanation does not do justice to what SEM is really about and how far and wide it can expose your website. In the past when we spoke of search engine marketing it commonly referred to placing text ads on Google, being those ads that show up on the top, right and now bottom of search results. Today, in addition to the entry of Bing/Yahoo into the SEM arena, we have opportunities to use the search functions found in Facebook, YouTube, Twitter., and others. To a lesser extent the search capabilities of classified advertising sites such as Backpage, Craigslist and Kijiji could also be included as search engine marketing channels. In addition, the availability of image based search ad placement, or a combined text / image ad even further increases the potential for brand exposures.

What’s the Big Deal about SEM?

Simple! Since the essence of search engine marketing is “SEARCH”, if you can position your ad for your product and service specifically where people are looking for that product or service. This kind of focussed advertising increases your marketing ROI. Then when you combine a call to action that is compelling and focussed, and potentially more specific than what’s showing in organic search, you have a great opportunity to not only do better than organic results, but to blow away your competition. Finally, because you can set many SEM channels to a pay-per-click format, you only have to pay for leads that actually click through to your website.

And How Can SEM Help Out Organic Search Results?

Since search engines want to deliver the most relevant content to their searchers, you will often see SEM content showing up in organic search results. This most commonly occurs for classified advertising placements that are categorical in nature. This means that if you pay to be at the top of that category, your ad will show first on organic click-throughs. Your ads can also be easily search engine optimized by keyword and content increase the likelihood of incorporation into organic search results. The result is that you can potentially double your Brand’s exposure and opportunities through use of SEM channels!

So How Can We Help?

Because SEM is so much more controllable than organic search we can help with the following:

  • Choosing the best SEM channel for you
  • Creating the SEM creative ads and Calls-to-Action
  • Implementing the SEM Campaign through choice of channels and targeting
  • Developing campaign specific landing pages to enhance conversions
  • Campaign refinement through click-through, as well as conversion analysis & reporting

The next step Is to get in touch with the SEM experts at CLOSEUP Agency to see how search engine marketing can increase your web traffic and business.

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Training Available

We believe that an educated client is better able to understand digital opportunities as they come up. This is why we offer training on all aspects of online marketing and content creation, including Social Media networking strategies. We put together training sessions for clients that have inhouse personnel available to do a brand’s digital work. These training sessions are a great opportunity to leverage inhouse expertise with the tools and techniques required to take that information out on the web, quickly and efficiently. Training is offered in the following areas:

  • Social Channel Management
  • Online Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Performance Monitoring
  • Digital Product Development