Ride What’s Trending for Additional Web Traffic

t’s a little know phenomenon but when a story is trending it appears that the search bots are scurrying to compile together the latest news about that topic.

How to Use Trending Topics to Increase Web Traffic by CLOSEUP AgencyTo see what’s trending, go to these urls:

Google Trends - www.google.com/trends/, where you can also specify the country to see what’s trending, with charts and graphs.

Twitter Trends - https://twitter.com/search-homehttp://trendsmap.com/ and http://whatthetrend.com/, the former for a mapped version of what’s trending worldwide.

Instagram - http://top-hashtags.com/, to see what are the top trending hashtagged topics.

Now that you’ve identified what’s currently trending, you have the opportunity to ride the wave so to speak with content relevant and crafted to take advantage of the public’s and search engine’s appetite for trending topics.

How to take Advantage of Trending Topics

In order to get traffic to your site with trending topics the next step is to incorporate the trending keywords and/or hashtags into your website content. The next step is to ping the search engines to let them know that you have relevant content. While a number of content management systems are or can be configured to ping the search engines automatically, you can use a service such a pingomatic.com You will then have to wait until the search engines send their spiders to the new content.

Conditioning Search Engines to Come to Your Site

A longer term strategy leverages conditioning the search engines to come back regularly for new content. For example, on one of our sites wee posted every day on a regular basis and found that the search engines would come to the site at approximately  6:00 am to spider new content. The result was that the new content was indexed usually by 7:00 am, which was a perfect time for early visitors to share that content. This strategy very much depends on sending the search engines a message that content on a site is updated consistently. Assistance in this regard can be had from scheduling content through a content management system, by which content can be pre-written and then released on a site at specific times and dates.

Using Social Media to Share Trending Content

Social media has the potential to work double duty in the context of trending topics. First, social media channels are for specific search engines a good way to alert them to new content and thereby get it indexed quicker, and second, social networks are a great way to share content which is is more likely to be shared since it is based on a trending topic.

Alert type strategies to get your content indexed and showing as search results include:

  • Posting the content link on a Google Plus page, which works for Google.
  • Including the content link in Facebook post, which works for Bing/Yahoo.
  • Including the content link in a Twitter post with relevant hashtag

Using trending topics to boost your website traffic is like riding a wave, only better. Not only do you have the opportunity for an instantaneous spike in web traffic, but the content that’s indexed is there forever so it remains in a ongoing, although lesser, traffic generating position. It’s a win-win strategy for those that can be quick to take advantage of it.