Search Rankings

Google Search Results to include images next? Were video results the tip of the iceberg!

The latest search results display algorithm from Google has been showing videos as part of search results for a while now, but what's happened recently is that Google's Alerts have started to show images next to the content description. From personal experience these images have been part of the content, usually found at or near the top, and been labeled as to image content in both the image file name as well as the alt tag.

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Has your website ranking suffered since Google's "Penguin" update?

The Penguin update hit thousands of Websites Hard!

The past few weeks have been painful for thousands of website owners following the Google Penguin Update - being a change to Google's ranking algorithm as to how your website is shown in search results - businesses have folded and lives have been changed irrevocably, all because of the immense power Google's algorithm wields.

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What's the Big Deal with Links?

or Why & Did Google's Penguin Bite my Website!

Links or linking in the digital space refers to having an actual link to or from your website to other websites or web content … Why is this important? Two reasons: links to your site can bring you additional visitors, and secondly that Search Engines seriously take into account the number and quality of links pointing to your site, internal links within your site and the links within the site that point to outside content, as factors in determining how your site will rank in their search rankings.

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