Website Development

5 Tips For Today's Web Design

Web Design Is Technology Driven

When it comes to today’s web design, gone are the days of just thinking desktop compatibility. When planning your website design you need to take into consideration tiny phones to large flat screen televisions.. and even refrigerators. Yes you read correctly. Every business needs to adapt to reach consumers effectively on any screen. Today’s web design is a multiple screen strategy!

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Is Responsive Web Design For You?

What is Responsive Web Design?

The term “responsive” is a buzzword that has surfaced in 2013 in the web design world. What is this “responsive” term and its relations to web design? It’s a forward thinking approach that everyone should be applying to as they plan their web design strategy.

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Mobile Websites are the New Smart Web Design Requirement

Research Shows Trends Towards Mobile Friendly Requirements

Mobile Website Optimization Opportunties CLOSEUP AgencyCurrent research was reviewed to see if it makes a difference whether a Brand has a mobile friendly website or not. The results were anything but unclear and indicated a clear direction for today’s Brands in engaging consumers.

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Your Web Design Strategy

Websites Are Not Just About Design Anymore

When it comes to website design, it's not just about making it look pretty anymore. There are several essential components that need to be incorporated into today’s web design strategies. They include the functional elements of SEO, unique content that is relevant and keyword strategies. These elements are a step in the right direction for your website to compete in today’s web world.

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The New Code - HTML5 and Css3

Website Foundations You Shouldn't Ignore!

Why should you care what the new code conventions are? Simply, because these are the languages that your website and digital properties should be in or compatible in order that the investment you make in digital properties continues to have a long and reasonable ROI.

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