Affordable Aerial Photography and Videos for Events and Marketing

What to do when Your Existing Imagery and Videos are Not Working for You!

Aerial Photos and Videos Services by CLOSEUP Agency Aerial photography and aerial videos attract attention, engage and convert prospective customers into business by being an impactful and out of the ordinary experience. Breaking through the clutter in today’s marketing landscape isn’t easy with so much imagery and all too-similar messaging … UNLESS you do something different! With today’s drone technologies, you can take advantage our aerial photography and aerial video services as a cost-effective marketing campaign. So if your current imagery is lack luster and you’re not getting good results, it’s time to use Aerial Photos and Videos from CLOSEUP Agency - sought out for real estate photography and by leading industry players such as:

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CLOSEUP Agency offers a unmanned remote control multi-copter platforms for Hi-definition images and videos to capture sites and events from previously uncapturable angles – all for maximum impact and engagement, including the following elements.

Benefit and Opportunities of Aerial Photography and Videos - Cool Factor

  • Bird’s Eye Views
  • In-action Positioning
  • Close-in and Far-out Viewpoints
  • Surrounding Environment shots
  • Inaccessible Area Imagery
  • Repeatable GPS Mappable Flight Zone
  • Live Image/Video Preprocess
  • Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Media and in-Plane shots
  • High Availability for Shot Sessions


What an Aerial Photo or Video Session will Provide

An Aerial Photography or Aerial Video Production will include an pre-determined overflight course designed to provide a full set of photo and video assets that you can use for your marketing campaigns or events. These kind of rich assets can be a differentiating factor between success and failure of your marketing and lead generation efforts.

We will Show You Not Only What Will Work for your Campaign or Event, But Will Have the Best Impact, with Unique Perspectives that would otherwise not be achievable, including:

01Elevated Side Shots showing Depth of Field

02Overfly segments to Highlight the Full Scope of the Subject

03Action Segments including side-shot and overhed profiles

04Panorama shots and videos are available either Person POV or as Circular Flypast

05High Altitude Shots with wider scope imagery

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