Social Media Marketing is Not Getting Results? Find out Why!

What do you do when Your Social Strategy for Marketing is Not Working for You!

Non Performing Social Media Marketing Audit by CLOSEUP Agency If your investment in social media strategy such as Facebook marketing doesn’t translate into business for your brand, it's just not worth it. The potential of using a social media campaign well is to access those friends of your customers with your messaging and to empower your customers to act as your word-of-mouth ambassadors. This social media optimization is to create a viral and exponential effect that you just can’t get with traditional marketing. If you’re not getting these results, start with a Social Media Strategy Audit from CLOSEUP Agency - sought out by leading industry players such as:

Website Audits by CLOSEUP Agency

CLOSEUP Agency offers a diagnostic review to see why your social media campaigns are not performing, called a Social Media Specialist Audit that will not only uncover, but show how to fix, the following trouble areas.

Symptoms Your Social Media Marketing is in Trouble

  • Little or no Shares
  • Some Followers but a Low Interaction Rate
  • Little or No Conversions to Customers
  • Not Showing Up in Search Results
  • Unutilized Form Tabs
  • Questions not being answered
  • Negative Comments undealt with
  • No Calls to Action
  • Little or No Engagement
  • Little use of Rich Media
  • Not dealing with Edge Rank


What a Social Media Specialist Audit will Show

A Social Media ROI audit is a comprehensive review of both the inside and outside of your social media marketing - how did your followers get there and what is their interaction in sharing, commenting and being involved with your brand. This kind of intelligence can be a differentiating factor between success and failure of your marketing through social media.

We will Show You Not Only What Doesn't Work, But How to Fix It, including:

01What are the Strengths/Weaknesses of your Social Media Campaigns

02What Channel Tactics (Contests, Q/A, etc.) can Move you Ahead of the Competition

03What Devices should your Social Media interaction be Optimized for

04What are the Best Performing/Highest Potential Social Network Channels

05What are Your Best Social Media Conversion Channels and Paths, Today and Tomorrow

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