Aerial Photography and Video for Incredible Impact and Engagement

Aerial Photography Impact Closeup AgencyImpact is the name of the game today, and there’s no substitute for aerial shots of your business, products and services to make an impact. By showcasing subjects from this unique perspective, businesses can create media setting them apart from the competition.

CLOSEUP Agency can arrange for an Aerial Photography shoot to Increase Your Business in Cambridge, Brantford, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, London, Woodstock, Windsor, Hamilton and Niagara areas.

Different Perspectives engage Consumers

In this time of “me too” content there is a struggle to come up with discerning and unique creative concepts that will both stop consumers in their tracks with impact and at the same time offer ongoing engagement. We’ve found that there is no substitute for Aerial Photography in being able to grab and hold a consumer’s attention. Imagine an overhead shot of your business, products or services – unlikely that your competition will have thought of the same angle or impact.

Both Photo and Video Impact can be Aerially Enhanced

A bird’s eye view is pretty unique and this kind of low altitude precision aerial imagery can be done for both photography and videos. No longer is hiring an expensive plane and pilot required since unmanned imagery drones are cost effective in obtaining excellent quality low level aerial digital footage. Multiple passes and multiple angles now become possible with the result that you can have extensive images and footage from which to choose the best possible view of your business, product or service. Being digital also means that transfer and post processing can be accomplished quicker and be subject to unique effects than would otherwise have been possible in the past.

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