How to use Your Social Proof to Convert Online Visitors to Customers

Social Proof & Popularity Closeup AgencySocial Media Proof or “Social Proof’ for short is the positive influence created by the presence of a group of individuals that to an outsider reduces the risk of an action – an example being the presence of a Facebook feed with number of Likes and pictures of Friends present on a website that implicitly suggests whether the website and its products and services are popular and less risky than a website without such “Social Proof”.

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Using "What Everyone Else APPEARS to be Doing" to Your Advantage

This fear removal technique is referred to as informational social influence – being “a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others reflect the correct behavior for a given situation… driven by the assumption that the surrounding people possess more information about the situation.” Kind of reminds you of the spoof of coming across a person looking up at the sky, then a crowd forming doing the same thing, and finally someone asking what is everybody looking at!

People are conditioned to follow the actions of others, and when incorporated into your online digital strategy and onto your website can be an impactful of consumer behavior. When a consumer is unsure of what to do, they will often look to others for cues concerning correct behavior. Social proof often leads to public compliance (conforming to the behavior of others publicly without necessarily believing the behavior is correct) but also private acceptance (conforming out of a genuine belief that others are in fact correct). By their very nature consumers want to be and feel comfortable with others that have previously purchased your products or services and in this way a business can use perceived conformity for additional sales

Effective Social Proof requires Social Media Outreach

Social proof is necessarily built upon a social media outreach strategy where existing and prospective consumers must be convinced to become part of your online community, and thereby lend their vote to your business. Once you establish a Social Proof beachhead of sorts, the social network outreach program must be continued as a very important element of Social Proof is an ever increasing base of “trusted” votes – imagine what would happen if repeat visitors saw not only a never increasing number of Likes, Friends, Followers etc., or even worse a dwindling number which undoubtedly would have the opposite Social Proof effect than that of increasing visitor commitment and conversions. When considered as part of an overall social media outreach strategy Social Proof becomes even more powerful when being accurate is important and others are perceived as knowledgeable. Then by including visual and referral elements of Social Proof on your website, your business is in effect saying that many others are interested in and have given your products and services their approval, and so should your website visitors!

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