Refresh Your Website Design and Functionality to Drive Online Traffic

Website Redesign & Refreshing Closeup AgencyWeb Technologies and Consumer Expectations change, and so must your website else your competition that has the fresh “In” look will benefit in part solely due to aesthetics. This is not to say that design by itself will sell your products and services, but it will serve to get consumer attention which is the very first step in sales conversion to become a customer.

CLOSEUP Agency can Redesign & Refresh your Website to Increase Your Business in Cambridge, Brantford, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, London, Woodstock, Windsor, Hamilton and Niagara areas.

Best Place to Start is with What You've Got

Freshening up your website can start by taking your existing Content, logo, images and video into a new updated design that includes sliders, Social Proof with Facebook & Twitter feeds, blogging and mobile capabilities, and more. Key elements of today’s web 3.0 websites include elements such as:

  • Well organized Slideshows with impactful Imagery
  • Video channel with dedicated Playlists
  • Data collection forms that are SPAM resistant for Interest, Feedback & Newsletter signup
  • SEO-optimized structures & keywords
  • Content Management Systems to easily add & change page content, as well as new pages
  • Direct Blog integrations

Then, permanent redirection of your existing pages is necessary so that the new site automatically redirects requests for your old pages to the equivalent new pages and you don’t lose any of the valuable search engine Page Rank or ‘link juice’ that your existing site has built up.

Less is often More when it comes to New Website Designs

Less on the landing page can translate into more engagement simply by focusing the visitor on essential elements, which act almost like a funnel with link clickthroughs to more extensive information elsewhere in the site. In this regard, today carefully chosen images quickly convey what you're about, and which is why website design and creative are trending toward Slider elements above the fold in order to have the most impact.

Getting down with your website data to see What’s Really Important!

Reviewing and analyzing your traffic data can show how users are behaving on your site. Most important - what content are they clicking on the most? How long are they staying on your site? How many pages are being viewed when they visit? What is the Bounce Rate of how quickly they exit your site? What are the exit pages? All of this information helps in optimizing the user experience on your site by focusing on and delivering up the content that consumers find relevant and engaging.

Reflecting Your Passion or is it Just Me Too?

Does your website represent you and your passions? When your visitors come on your site do they get a sense and feel of your passion ... or are they seeing what the same thing everyone else saying? It really comes down to whether your audience is being truly engaged by your website? Are you drawing and holding them in? Do you have Social Proof elements that convince visitors of your popularity? Are you using video effectively to explain, convince and engage? Is your website uniquely different in look, feel and no more important than ever, functionality (such as mobile) than your competitors?

Going with the flow is not a good thing anymore. You must develop and disseminate an updated identity along with unique content, through your site, the social networks and search engines. Your website and content should clearly show what you can do for your customers. All of these elements must be considered in website redesign in order to make your marketing message truly effective.

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