Engagement Tactics on Your Website, Why it Matters and Matter Big Time?

  • Written by Tee Marek
  • Published in Services

Once you’ve got a visitor to your website, how do you keep them there? The answer depends on what engages your visitor, but there are a few tried and true methods that have proven to work for online visitors. Implementation of these online engagement strategies can set your web experience aside from that of the competition and as a result grab and hold a visitor’s attention instead of having them leave your site for someone else.

Visual Stimulation is the #1 Engagement Tactic

Online Engagement Srategies and Tactics by CLOSEUP Agency

What has happened in this day and age is that online consumption has increasingly become visual, to the point that visitors often do not read anymore, or very little, and make instantaneous decisions to stay on a website simply by the imagery that come up. What this means is that not only does your photography have to be relevant and resonate with your target visitors, but should be of high quality, yet download quickly. The foregoing will become even more important in the future as search engines are starting to display website snapshots in their search results!

Once a visitor is on your site, the next most important stimulation element is an enticing video. Commonly the visitor wants an informative and potentially an entertaining experience when visiting a website, and there is no better means to do so than with a short video. Given the preponderance of YouTube videos, website visitors do not expect and sometimes do not trust a highly polished video, and instead look for a visual experience that is educational and/or reinforces why they came to the website in the first place.

Being Part of a Pack Mentality is the #2 Engagement Tactic

All consumers want to know that their intended decisions are correct and welcome feedback regarding whether a business is a good place to go to and buy from. In the online world this feedback is provided directly by way of reviews and indirectly through the social proof of seeing like minded (and looking) individuals involved with the business. Reviews can be obtained on a site, such as through testimonials, or brought into a site through embeds and rich snippet schema. Of note is that savvy businesses use rich snippet coding of their reviews on their sites since these rich snippets are then shown in organic search results with higher click-through potential.

In a basic sense social proof can be imported into and shown on your website though inclusion of social network embeds or feeds that are prominently displayed for visitors to see. By seeing others that are implicitly casting a positive vote for a business through the amount of “Likes” or “Followers” in the social proof, visitors can gain a sense of comfort that if they buy from you they are not alone.

Giving a Solution their Problem is the #3 and Most Important Engagement Tactic

Leaving the best for last, and although the most important aspect it usually ranks after the first two which in essence are gate-keeping elements that convince visitors quickly whether or not to stay on a website. This is where you message must both answer the question or find the solution to what the visitor has searched for, and deliver a reason why the visitor should do business with you. Additionally, there should also be a call to action to do something … to call, to fill out a form, to buy … since if the visitor has made it this far they simply have to be told what to do next to operationalize the solution to their problem.

For all the reasons above that you want to engage visitors on your website, speak with CLOSEUP Agency to see how our copy writing, photography and video production capabilities can increase and enhance your website’s engagement!