Digital Photo and Video Media Production with Online Marketing Impact

Statistics show that visitors to a website will spend more time on a website site if they see an image or video to view. Imagery and videos are very powerful media for websites and visitor engagement. CLOSEUP Agency is a full service digital brand production agency providing its business clients with video and photography services to drive and engage visitors on their websites.

How do you Enhance the Customer Engagement Process through Photos and Videos?

Commercial Photography and Videos with Impact by CLOSEUP AgencySo you've decided that your website requires photos and video to capture the attention of visitors but you don’t know how to incorporate, create and embed those images to ensure that they draw visitors to your website. CLOSEUP Agency provides its business clients with media production and presentation services inclusive of photographic images and video creation. With such capabilities, your website can provide visitors with great information and captivating content... but there is a catch. Search engines cannot interpret videos or images as easily as they can when it comes to text content. A video that has no textual content is seen by a search engine as a blank page. CLOSEUP Agency has the skills, technology and capabilities to increase the visibility of photos and video in search engines through photo and video search optimization techniques.

Why Use Optimized Photos and Videos In Your Website?

What are the advantages of optimizing photos and videos? The answer is two-fold. As a business you will get a diverse range of organic traffic that will be generated from YouTube in the case of videos and Google Images in the case of photos. More importantly though, if your website contains varied content, it will give your website greater authority and reputation, which means your search results will be enhanced.

Video Optimization

Once a video is created, the question lies in whether or not to host the video on just your own site or on external sites such as YouTube or Vimeo. CLOSEUP Agency can guide you to determine the best solution for your video optimization strategy. With pros and cons associated with both scenarios, CLOSEUP Agency works closely with its business clients to determine the best photo and video exposure. for example, when looking at photo and video hosting channels, it is important to decide how much traffic you are willing to share. For example, YouTube attracts millions of visitors daily. By hosting your videos on your site only, you will have to compete with YouTube which may host similar product and service videos from your competition.

CLOSEUP Agency Video services include:

  • Video creation
  • Video site map creation and structure, inclusive of specific URL and textual content description
  • Video specific tag definitions
  • Video captioning and SEO
  • Content management systems to power your video portal
  • RSS feed capabilities
  • Video sharing structures

CLOSEUP Agency focuses on:

  • Quality of videos that will drive visitors to your website.
  • Benefit driven video content that will engage likes and sharing
  • Transcript video process
  • Embedding your video on your site and YouTube, Vimeo, and more!

A Picture Can Say a Thousand Words ... and Bring in Thousands of Website Visitors

Images can generate tremendous online traffic, such as through aerial photography to your website if they are properly composed as well as optimized. CLOSEUP Agency can not only provide its business clients with impactful images that can be used for advertisement purposes, but also as search engine optimized draws to bring visitors to your website and also as a means of providing authority to a website through rich snippet schema. Our photo services include:

  • event and product photography
  • alt tag research and generation for photos
  • keyword tagging of photo imagery
  • caption and description strategies
  • page title determination
  • image site maps
  • links and anchor text

Diverse and rich-media landing pages encourage engagement and offer a good user experience. They also provide content that is unique to your website... and users as well as search engines like that. To plan your video and rich media strategy, contact CLOSEUP Agency today!