Use Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Online Advertising to Capture Leads

Search Engine Marketing or as generally referred to as SEM, is a form of online internet marketing that promotes a business’s website through online advertising using search engine channels and search result pages through paid ads placement and paid inclusions.


Use SEM to Capture Qualified Leads Quickly

SEM and online advertising to increase website traffic by CLOSEUP AgencyPPC advertising is on of a number of SEM strategies to capture highly qualified leads that are looking specifically for your product or service quickly and can be affordable. PPC stands for "pay per click" and is an online marketing technique that can be quite cost effective by the advertiser only having to pay when and if the ad is clicked. Ad rates for PPC can be as little as a few cents to upwards of $10.00 or more. A carefully crafted online advertising strategy seeks to pre-qualify the click-throughs on an ad by way of the creative or message, so as to maximize ROI. In this way an ad can be truly cost-effective by having pre-qualified vistors delivered to your site ready to take action.

In contrast, PPM advertising is online advertising that is paid for by way of impressions, whether or not someone clicks on an ad, and is commonly delivered in amounts of 1,000 impressions (hence the "M" in PPM which denotes per thousand). PPM advertising can be used effectively as a branding mechanism where getting the word out by way of repetition is more important that click-throughs. As a result PPM advertising is usually at a discount to PPC.

Notably, getting website traffic by way of SEM can be affected immediately while SEO can take weeks or more before search engines display a website in their search results. It is therefore understood that if you want potential customers to locate and access your website quickly and easily, you need to make online customers aware of your presence and there is no better means than search-engine marketing (SEM). SEM allows channels such as Google, Bing/Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter to showcase your online offer to ensure that potential consumers know about you and through a simple click-through have an easy time finding you. As consumers look to the internet to find local businesses and services, businesses that are not adapting SEM strategies will be lost in the internet clutter.

Combining SEM with SEO Elements is the Key to Success

A key element of SEO is the research that goes into determining which keywords should be targeted by a website, and in the case of online advertising, by an online ad in order to maximize relevant traffic. CLOSEUP Agency creates online ads for their clients that incorporate specific search terms to draw traffic to your website through your listings. CLOSEUP Agency provides services within all forms of SEM inclusive of:

Ad Campaign Setup - Establishment of ad campaigns within Google Adwords, Facebook and Twitter Ads applications, with appropriate url tagging in order to track ad and campaign effectiveness. Notably, it's not just about an advertisement as CLOSEUP Agency will research and incorporate the most effective keywords that are used by your business’s target audience to draw them to the advertisement.

Creative and CTC Development - Keyword research with ad copy call to action (CTC) and creative design to achieve ads that grab potential customer attention and encourage click-through. A designated landing page with a specified call to action can also be created.

Ongoing Ad Testing and Optimizations - Monitoring and ongoing optimization of ads and landing pages are necessary to ensure they are achieving the highest CTR (click-through rates) within respective channels. CLOSEUP Agency will as a result adjust the optimization of the campaigns where required.

After the Ad is Created How Do You Convert Visitors?

SEM strategies can drive relevant and qualified traffic to your website. But the job of a successful online marketer doesn't end there. A designated landing page with a specified call to action can also be created. CLOSEUP Agency can monitor and adjust the optimization of the campaigns as well as landing pages to achieve the best result - from click-throughs to conversions.

With the majority of all consumers starting their search for a product or services online, a SEM strategy is important for them to find your business and not your competition. SEM can be a very cost-effective way to drive consumers to your website and convert online traffic into sales. As SEM becomes integrated with other aspects of online marketing, CLOSEUP Agency can provide services that include the optimization of websites for inbound marketing and social media sharing, including calls to action and conversation optimization.

CLOSEUP Agency provides full service search engine positioning solutions for setup, conversion, management and reporting within Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook pay per click search. Contact us today to begin your SEM strategy.